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2 January 2014
- Our quiz on NAVMED P-117, Chapter 21 is just about done, but ready for you to use!  We put out on Facebook for a few Sailors to QA it and have received the go-ahead to launch it: Click here to see how well you do!

Want to help us out big time?  "Like" us on Facebook

2 January 2014 - Happy New Year! Holidays are over, advancement cycle is two weeks away for HMC and nine weeks away for HM1 - Time to start studying!

Our discs and flash drives are the absolute best available: Bib references, computer-based quizzes, paper quizzes, PowerPoints, study guides, topic summaries, cheat sheets, and more! Starting at $5 each, it's the best investment you can make towards your advancement goals.  Click here to start studying.

24 December 2013 - Merry Christmas!  We've cut the price of single and double disc sets, plus free shipping on all orders. For today and tomorrow only.

Get yours here!

7 December 2013  - We have a handful of FREE flash drives for E3s who are testing for HM3 this March.  "Like" our page and we'll contact you for your mailing info. BAMCIS!!

2 December 2013  - Regular Exam Cycle bibliographies are up:  HM1 Bibliography, HM2 Bibliography, HM3 BibliographyHMC Bibs have been available since September for both Regular Cycle and Substitute Exams.

Only a few months until the tests.  Don't be unprepared!

4 November 2013  - We've spent the last few days upgrading our internal files, removing some dead links and increasing the total amount of references and forms available.  Check out our Admin Office to see the changes! 

As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions or requests on what to include on the site.

22 July 2013  - Do you shop on Amazon?  If so, then please consider using our links to get there.  They are a great way for you to get low prices on items that you were going to buy, plus a great way to contribute to your favorite Corpsman site.  We have links to Amazon on virtually every page on our site, making it even easier to use than ever before.  It's the same great service and low prices that you're used to, the only difference is that this site gets a kick back of Amazon's profits which help us pay the bills and keep the site up and running.  There's no additional cost to you, Amazon just splits the sale profits with  Want to help keep us up and running?  Here's a quick link!

12 July 2013 - If you're using Firefox or Internet explorer, and aren't using our "Chief's Toolbar" you're really missing out.  We've created what we think is the absolute best toolbar that a Corpsman could have.  The best part is that it's 100% FREE!  Download it now to have instant access to Facebook, NKO, NPC, BUPERS, your advancement bibliography, Together We Served, and more.  Click here to download yours today.


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